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June 13, 2010

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Jews are taking to the streets and to the web. Jcall from Europe, demonstrations in major cities, For the sake of Zion in the US, satirical songs on youtube. Leading Jews are making their voices heard on the issue of the Gaza blockade, a Palestinian State, liberal and non-liberal Zionism (see the hugely circulated article by Peter Beinart, intelligently rebutted by Gil Troy), and more.

We wonder: The Jews of the world are speaking out. Are the Jews of Israel listening? We have yet to find the content of these petitions, or any of the influential articles, published in Hebrew.

We wonder: Are Israelis helping? Free-speaking Israelis abroad would seem to care little for a community ‘line’, either sounding too hawkish or too dove-like, to the consternation of the locals.

We wonder: These voices are being raised outside of and often in spite of the community institutions that represent them. Has the fluid nature of modern life, together with the volatile nature of Israeli politics, begun to work against the role of Jewish collective representation?

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