Israel Travel Education: Essential building blocks for a significant and transformational Israel experience

Our workshop examines a variety of typical narratives that play themselves out in Israel travel. In what way can they be educationally transformative?

Part 1: Narratives of Israel Education

We will try to answer the question: What kind of Israel do I aspire to educate towards? Participants are invited to imagine what Israel ‘story’ or narrative they wish to convey.

Part 2: Small Group Text Study: Analysis of Israel program itineraries from a variety of providers.

What stories does a particular itinerary tell about the educators’ intended visions of Israel and that traveler’s experience?

Part 3: Taking it all Back Home: What is the Israel that I want to teach through my own work?

Participants are asked to share some of their own work before, during, and after their trips, and integrate what they have learned or changed into a personal understanding of Israel engagement.



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