GJFIII – more reading on immigration issues

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Policy Papers from Metzilah Center

The Law of Return at 60 years – History, Ideology, Justification

Return of Palestinian Refugees to the State of Israel

Managing Global Migration – A Strategy for Immigration Policy in Israel

In the press about Palestinian refugees:

Bid to cut total number of Palestinian refugees

Left-wing US Jews call Law of Return “racist”

Israel’s unfair “Law of Return”

Palestinian refugees from Syria attempt to enter Israel

About African refugees

Video clip – Alma Zohar – Out of Egypt

Blogging from the Refugee Seder 2009

Anti-immigrant riots in Tel Aviv

The tragedy and the threat of African refugees in Israel

Illicit immigration – a wake-up call Israel must heed

Stand up for Israel’s African Refugees – petition

About Arab admission to Jewish communities in Israel

Israeli towns continue to rewrite by-laws to keep Arabs out

Demanding cancellation of the “Admissions Committee” law

Carmiel initiative tries to prevent home sales to Arabs








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