Finding a Venue

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The location for your production is a key element to making a successful event. As a promoter, here are a few things to consider:

The size of the venue

Whether you have a general admission – standing or seated. If the artist performing is playing music for an older audience, or the music itself is pretty mellow, seated option is the best. Likewise if you want to make the place appear more crowded than it actually is, you can add seats/tables to enhance the effect of a intimate evening.

Location, Location Location

This is another important component to look for when finding a venue – try to organize a venue near major populations, versus somewhere out in the sticks. Typically the most important deciding factor when selecting a location is the cost of the venue – while free is always a great bargain, it is important to keep in mind the perception that will impact the public should you do your show at the local JCC or Hillel house versus the coolest club in town. Depending on the audience that you think you will attract, sometimes the Synagogue is actually the best place in town to do a show, especially if you are looking to present an Israeli cantor!

Pricing tip

A tip for when you begin discussing prices with venue operators, especially when you are selling tickets for the production: never begin the conversation with offering to “rent” the venue for the evening, rather offer a 80/20 split (in your favor).

Venues that serve food and alcohol make the majority of their revenue from the bar. If you are hosting an Israeli act and promoting the show to the community BUT ALSO mainstream audiences, you have a good reason not to pay the venue to bring a crowd to their establishment, and they have a good reason not to charge you for doing them a favor of bringing thirsty clients to their doorstep…again, you are doing them a favor.

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