Fences and Freedom

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You may be wondering:

This morning there was a piece on TV about the Separation Wall. It’s clear that the kids want to talk about it. Israel looked really bad. To be honest, I think the reporter’s approach was right – the wall is a terrible thing. At the same time, I don’t want to completely trash Israel for my kids. What’s an intelligent way of talking about this, without letting Israel off the hook, but also making sure my kids get how complicated it is?

The conversation you may hold with your child:

Perhaps leading to:

At its root, the conversation you’ve just had is about the security and protection that walls and fences can offer on the one hand, and the exclusion and indignities that they can cause on the other hand. The language you and your children share is now sufficiently enriched for an ensuing (or later) conversation about the Security Barrier. Why was it built? Who does it benefit and who does it damage? Where has it been built? etc

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  1. Barbara Saunders-Adams says:

    Wonderful set induction leading to an understanding of exclusion, inclusion, and the indignities therein. Not only good for conversations with your children, but instrumental in the classroom setting as well. Adaptable to different age levels. Yoffie.

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