FAQ – Makom Gaza Workshops for Campus

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How much does the workshop cost?

The first 30 workshops booked cost nothing. That means we will come to your campus, we will cover our own transport, our accommodation, and our per diem. Book early!

Yeah, but what do I need to provide on the ground?

You need to provide a spacious, airy, naturally-lit room for the workshop with the following tech:

We will also send you stuff to photocopy for the participants.

You also need to provide lunch for all participants, and running coffee/cookies.

Can I invite students?

The workshop is ideal for anyone who is going to be involved in deliberate contact with other Jewish students. This includes professionals and non-professionals – student engagers, leaders, interns, etc.

I don’t have much staff who deal with Israel, and the advocacy groups seem well-organized. Who would I invite?

We have a feeling that conversations about the Gaza conflict are going to crop up outside of specific Israel programming – they will emerge informally, as part of other issues, out of the blue. We also believe that many conversations will not be about advocacy. They may not be “what do I say to Palestinian protesters?” – they may often be “what do I say to myself?”. This workshop is aimed at providing space and skills for those looking to engage with the latter question. We’d suggest inviting those people who are great engagers but who don’t feel too confident about talking about Israel – they may have no choice this year…

How long does the workshop last?

We’re asking you to plan for a full 9-5 day. We believe it is unfair and unrealistic to train people in talking about Israel without giving them time to talk about their relationship with Israel themselves! We think it would be dumb for us to come in and force certain action strategies on you, without leaving time to find what kind of strategy is appropriate for your particular campus! Bearing that in mind, it’s really important for there to be time for a back-and-forth. We estimate that six solid hours is a minimum to reach somewhere significant. Add in to that breaks and lunch – it’s a full 9-5 day. If you think that is absolutely impossible, but you still want us to work with you – get in touch and we’ll see if there is any wiggle room.

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