Etgar Keret – in easy Hebrew!


Makom is delighted to announce the publication of “Sippur Aharon ve’Zehu” – “Definitely the Last Story” – by Etgar Keret, in a specially edited version. Rafi Bannai, Makom’s Hebrew language expert, worked with the author to adapt ten of his stories into simpler Hebrew that might be more accessible to those with good but not great Hebrew… 

Rafi says:

“Anyone who has reached Kita Dalet or Hey should now be able to enjoy Keret’s brilliance in Hebrew. I also added a vocabulary list at the bottom of each page in English, French, and Spanish, to save you having to run to a dictionary all the time.”

The published price is 38 shekels a copy, but if you mention Makom the price is only 30 shekels a copy.

To order the book, contact


  1. Nancy Messinger says:

    How do I order the Edgar Keret book?

  2. Makom says:

    Nancy, please email eliner[at]

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