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Every Jewish holiday however celebratory always has its reflective aspect. This Chag Ha’atzmaut at JW3 is no different, giving room as it does to thoughtful and honest conversation

2stateFor more than 20 years now, the solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been two States for two Peoples. And for 20 years now, we are still nowhere near this solution. Three fascinating women will be sharing their opinions about this solution that hasn’t yet solved anything… Linoy Bar Gefen is a top TV and print journalist, who still believes that the 2 state solution is the only game in town. To Linoy’s political left will be Yael Lerer, who was parliamentary aide to the Arab Balad Party, and established the Andalus Publishing House that produces Hebrew-language translations of Arab Literature. And to the right of Linoy, Karni Eldad – singer/song-writer and blogger – will talk of her love for the Biblical land of Israel and the Jewish State. A deliberately multi-vocal all-female panel.

correspA gathering of some top British journalists who spent time in Israel and the territories, reporting to the English-speaking world about the Israel-Palestine conflict. Harriet Sherman was the Guardian’s Jerusalem bureau chief from May 2010 until January 2014, covering Israel, the West Bank and Gaza. James Rodgers spent most of his BBC career (1995-2010) as a foreign correspondent, completing postings in Moscow, Gaza, and Brussels. Daniella Peled is editor at the Institute for War and Peace Reporting, leading the Middle East and North Africa and Afghanistan programmes. A fascinating evening.

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