David Bryfman, The Jewish Education Project, NY

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You know who they are.

They are the ones who taught you Hebrew. They are the ones who taught you to swim at camp. They are the ones who taught you about Israeli politics and Zionism on your year abroad. They are the ones who were your tour guides on your Israel trip. They are the ones whose house you stayed at in a home hospitality experience. They are the ones who you kissed, and the ones who waved good bye to you en route to Ben Gurion. They are the ones who enlisted in the army while you worked on kibbutz.

They are the ones who have come and gone in your life, and who now need to be reminded of the times you shared together. They are the ones that no matter where in the world you find yourself, need to know that you are thinking about them, care about them, and are longing to hear from them in more peaceful times. They are Israelis.

So what should you do?

Get on to your Facebook page and locate 10 Israelis that in someway have touched your life. Simply, send them a message of support and friendship, of awe and respect, of guilt and respect. Whatever it is that you have wanted to tell that person in your life who once held that special place in time and space.

Now is that time.

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