Chag Sameach! The Order of Freedom

April 10, 2014 by

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How do we celebrate our freedoms?

How can organization liberate?

If you were to design a Freedom Festival for yourself, how would it look?

Our tradition is pretty clear about the connection between Freedom and Anarchy. Lest we get carried away, our key ritual to commemorate the escape from Egyptian slavery is called The Night of Order – Seder Night.

As we approach Pesach this year, it would seem that the forces of freedom and chaos threaten and entice us from all directions.

Some rejoice and others mourn the breakdown of the Israeli-Palestinian peace talks, as an attempt to establish a different form of order in the Middle East seems to have gone ‘pouf’…

North American educational establishments grapple with the demand for freedom of discourse about Israel, engaging energetically with different interpretations of unity and uniformity.

France and Hungary watch with concern as new-old forms of control and order raise their heads once more with the electoral successes of Le Pen and Jobbik.

And most importantly – who will spill the first glass of wine on that ever-white table-cloth?

These questions and many more follow us into the holiday period with depth and light, freedom and order.

Hag Sameach.

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