Bibi hugging and wrestling with Obama

June 14, 2009

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So far Prime Minister Netanyahu’s speech has been condemned by Likud MKs on the one hand, and by the Palestinian leadership on the other hand. And he only finished talking about an hour ago.

Anywhere other than the MIddle East, one might say that if you succeed in annoying both your friends and your enemies, then you must be doing something right. In this region it might be more important to find someone that the speech managed to please.

Presumeably the key political question will be whether the speech pleased President Obama. It was, after all, a speech whose only raison d’etre was to respond to the Cairo Speech of last week. But we at Makom are equally interested in whether the speech will please Jewish supporters of President Obama, and his Jewish detractors?

MIght we as Jews respond from our own guts to Netanyahu’s comments about a Jewish right to the land based on more than the Holocaust, and about his expectation that those demanding two States for two Peoples agree to the same demand? Or must we wait to hear what our political leaders have to say?

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