Big Blue Tent and Jewish Dissent

Following its success at Jerusalem’s Global Jewish Forum, Makom brings its unique workshop on tour to North America. A short presentation and small group discussions lead into the performance of an interactive play written by Makom’s Artist in Residence.

a) Enemy or Critic?: Active Study

A presentation and text studies in small groups, discussing models for defining the limits of the ‘broad tent’ in our community

b) Interactive Performance: “Paul Has a Bad Day.”

Two actors present a short play exploring the practical challenges of implementing a communal ‘broad tent,’ where a wide variety of opinions can find a place. The audience is asked for their opinions on the actions of the characters. Scenes are then replayed by the actors, incorporating the audience’s suggestions. Finally, audience members are invited on stage to replace the actors and put their thoughts into (staged) action!

c) Processing and Summarizing

A presentation and facilitated discussion, gathering together lessons learned, and helping shape ongoing communal strategy. How does the Hatikvah Vision of “A Free Jewish People In Our Land” offer us a shared way forward?

Participants take with them a copy of “The Hatikvah Vision”, and receive a page on the website for their community to develop a wiki-document of its own vision.

The Jewish Week’s review of a short version of The Big Blue Tent at the GA 2011

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