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Qushiyot – Links and sources


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The article we studied at Ben Gurion’s grave: To the Desert.




Thinking about the Kotel Hand-out

Kotel timeline


50 years since the Six Days War – Educational Materials for you


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4HQ Training Page for Hela…


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Here are the videos and links we used…

Gadi Taub talking about Democracy and Nationalism

He also spoke nicely here, on Liberalism and Democracy:

We looked at material from this course, All In the Family, in particular the video on solidarity:

The whole album of Kobi Oz, Psalms from the Perplexed, is wonderful. In particular we looked at Elohai,

and at The Prayer of the Secular:

On Just War, here is the Halbertal video I mentioned:

Yom HaZikaron stuff

Here is the link to the session on Nothing will Harm me, here is the link to the ceremony we built around the Avi Chai videos, and here is the link to the Bet Avi Chai project itself.

This is the session on Freedom of Expression, and “Call My Bluff”!


President Trump versus the Balfour Declaration?

May 21, 2017

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Coming on for 100 years ago, The Balfour Declaration stated that the area of Palestine should be the “national homeland” of the Jews.

The Zionist movement of a century ago did not need the British to tell them that our national homeland was situated in the area known as Palestine. The Balfour Declaration is celebrated to this day because a world power had publicly acknowledged this connection. Jews knowing that the Land of Israel was ours, allowed us to dream. But when a superpower let everyone know the Land of Israel was ours, it allowed us to plan.

Recently this tension between what the Jewish People knows as the Land of Israel, and what the world recognises as the State of Israel, has come to the fore in extraordinary fashion.

President Trump became the first American president to visit the Kotel, the Western Wall. But in so doing President Trump’s  advance staff pointed out an inconvenient truth: The Kotel is on the “other” side of the Green Line. As such, it is not within Israel’s internationally recognized borders.

While every Jew would remind us that Jerusalem, and the area of the ancient Temple in particular, is at the beating heart of the Biblical Land of Israel, the President of the United States reminded us that it is outside the internationally recognized borders of the State of Israel.

Bearing in mind that in the Balfour Declaration we celebrate the international recognition for what we Jews have always known, how should we engage with this current rejection of Israeli sovereignty over Zion itself?

Working with Israeli Music


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  1. Elohay – Kobi Oz
  2. Tale of the Four – Ehud Banai
  3. Out of Egypt – Alma Zohar
  4. Friday – HaDag Nachash
  5. Unworthy – Yonatan Raz’el
  6. Piyut Festival – World Love
  7. Sarit Hadad and Red Band – Baby Can I Hold You
  8. Amir Benayoun – Fall
  9. Kobi Oz – Dream after you

50 Years – the photos activity


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כאן אפשר למצוא פרטים על מערך התמונות:

מערך תמונות שנת יובל ירושלים

ירושלים – נספח למנחה

And here is the same activity explained in English:

Jerusalem at 50 – the postcard session

Jerusalem at 50  – Leader’s guide to the images

What would a woman do? Makom video salon had an answer

March 12, 2017 by

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In the lightness of Purim, and in the echoes of International Women’s Day, we’ll just put this here…

This is a video salon we hosted back in 2013 between Rachel Azaria (now MK), and R. Marcelo Bronstein of Bnei Jeshurun community of Manhattan. The conversation was public, and seen live and after the event. A baby had also invaded the event, yet it received nothing like the coverage of Robert Kelly’s unfortunate and hilarious interview.

It was only a few days later an article appeared in Haaretz revealed the full story. Apparently Azaria’s hungry baby had threatened to disturb the interview. Without anyone seeing or realizing, for the rest of the intelligent and fascinating conversation, Rachel Azaria was breast-feeding her child just out of shot…

Far fewer hits, but a great story…

Imagine Israel – brand new podcast out now!


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4HQ! A gathering of Four Hatikvah Questions materials


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