Kobi Oz

Yaakov (Kobi) Oz was born in Sderot. He began playing music and composing at the age of 15. He started out playing keyboards for the band Sfatayim, which performed traditional Moroccan music. Teapacks then took the Israeli music scene by storm, fusing more Western-style “Israeli” music with Moroccan sounds and a wry sense of humor. Hits such as The Old Bus Station, Newspaper, and Sitting in the Cafe are still favorites on Israeli radio. In 2008 Teapacks were invited to perform at the Eurovision Song Contest, representing Israel with Push the Button.

In 2010, Oz released his second solo album, Mizmorey Nevochim (Psalms for the Perplexed). Here he talks with Makom about its creation and reception:

Kobi Oz and Psalms for the Perplexed from Makom on Vimeo.


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