A View from the Galilee – the UN bid

September 20, 2011 by

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My wife had to go to the shop yesterday with the manager of our local store. The store had been given instructions to stock up on basics – water, rice, and other staples. Why? In case there are ‘repercussions’ following the Palestinian bid for State recognition at the UN this week.

Our privileged position on the top of a Galilean hill, overlooking the large Jewish city of Carmiel and the Arab villages of Majd Al Krum, Ba’ne, and Dir El Assad, is sometimes seen as something of a strategic liability. Were our neighbors to ‘rise up’, we’d be rather isolated on the top of our picturesque hill.

At the same time a quiet debate is going on about the Kibbutz gate. Our electronic gate is normally closed only at night. Moves are afoot to close it during the day as well. Just in case. The safety-minded say that one cannot be too careful – better to overdo the precautions than, heaven forbid, suffer a casualty. Others argue that closing the gate gives out all the wrong signals: Are we afraid? Are we not confident in our neighborly relations? Still others suggest that closing the gate is a provocation, an act that might encourage rather than defend against aggression.

After such an unusual summer it seems we are back in the Middle East. Someone mentions the word ‘Peace’, and we all imagine and prepare for its opposite.

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