Working with the Artist

Having clarified which artist you would like to invite and why (see Selecting the Artist), this section covers your direct contact with the artist and their representatives, before, during, and after their visit.

Making an offer


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Like any “industry”, the value of an artist depends on many variables:

  • How big a name that artist is already in Israel, but also-
  • What kind of audience a name act will draw in your community
  • If the artist has other options for that period of time they might increase their fee accordingly. To Full Post



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When you are thinking about producing an event, payment is a key aspect of any deal you will structure. To Full Post

Structuring the formal agreement


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When booking an Israeli act to perform at your community event it is always recommended that a standard performance agreement is structured and signed by both you (the executive producer/promoter) and the artist/representative. To Full Post

Types of deals


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When making an offer to set up an engagement there are a few types of deals that are typically structured. Fully Delivered, Closed, Door Deals, etc. To Full Post

One-off engagement?


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The One Off engagement is the most costly show that you could possibly put on – this means that you have a specific date for a particular event and you have an artist/act from Israel that is flying to your community and doing the 12 hour transatlantic shuffle for a single performance and then returning back to Israel the next day. To Full Post

Settling the show


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At the end of the evening, after the last encore has been performed – you are all but finished with your production.

Before the artist leaves the venue – you will be expected to settle the show. To Full Post

Tear Sheeting


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It is customary to produce a clip book for the artist/tour manager of all the press and articles, reviews, and interviews as well as advertisements you achieved on behalf of the act. It’s best to provide this before the performance to impress upon the musician how much you invested in developing their career in your market. To Full Post

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