Building an Event

So you have decided you are going to build an event!?

Giving yourself enough time is important, as the saying goes “Jerusalem wasn’t built in a day”. In order to produce and promote a successful event you will need to take into account anywhere between 3 weeks to 3 months (not working every day of course) to tie all ends together.

The amount of time you need depends on many variables which will be discussed in other sections. As long as you have the passion and seriousness, not to mention the fortitude to pull it off, nothing is impossible.

This section will cover:

Creating a team


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As the executive producer of the your event you will need to form a team of people you trust to handle various aspects of the engagement. While many people (including yourself) may not be a professional full time producer/booking agent/promoters – it should not be too difficult to divide the time and work needed to complete the tasks ahead of you. In some cases you or your team will need to wear more than one hat in the production.

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Selecting the Artist


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Just before you book an act, take a second to ask yourself a few questions.

Why am I aiming to book this Israeli act and not a different Israeli act?

What are my criteria for choosing?

Bearing in mind the amount of time and money you are about to invest in this band, it’s important to remember that the impact of the live event should be measured by more than how many people came through the door. To Full Post

Finding a Venue


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The location for your production is a key element to making a successful event. To Full Post

Overcoming the Language Barrier


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Unless you are booking a philharmonic or a non-vocal jazz band, the show will involve words. Lyrics are a crucial part of the show – listening to an Israeli artist without understanding the words would be like appreciating Van Gogh in black and white.

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Enhancing the impact – pre and post


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Take a look at this document as an example for how pre-show educational activities can also fulfill your marketing needs. The more the community is familiar with the music of the band before they arrive, the more meaningful you have managed to make their work for the audience before the show, the more likely the audience will a) have a meaningful experience, and b) come in huge numbers!

Don’t start introducing your band’s songs a couple of weeks before the show. Start six months earlier. Make the band not just well-hyped, but make them an integral meaningful part of community activities – such that attending a live performance of theirs is the most natural thing in the world.

Sources of finance


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Finding Sponsors

In order to find a sponsor for your event you need to create a position as to why they should want to sponsor your event. In most cases, if done correctly, you are doing the sponsor the favor, not the other way around. To Full Post

Sales – promotions


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There are several benchmarks to cover, which if done properly can guarantee that you will reach maximum exposure to your potential audience. To Full Post

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