Here we break down the technical aspects of the production, tell you what you need to expect and what to provide and when…



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All professional Israeli musicians/acts will have a set of riders that outline above and beyond the general performance agreement. A rider typically consists of 3 parts: Technical, Stage, and Hospitality. To Full Post

Sound man


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This is the most important role in the production.

The sound man is responsible for organizing the band’s sound check, and live performance so that the sonic caliber both on stage (for the musicians) and off stage (for the audience) is mixed well. To Full Post

Artist Visas


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To be honest, this is not the most fun part of your production.

P-1 visas (Performance Visas) are required in the United States for any foreign act performing a gig “for hire”- meaning that they are getting paid directly for their performance.

HOWEVER- if the act is performing for an engagement that is considered a cultural event and the gig is for gratis (free) then they do not need to obtain a performance, only a regular tourist visa. To Full Post

The timeline countdown


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This section will can help you wrap your head around the scope and timeline of your production: To Full Post



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If you are not doing a free show or door deal then you need to have a plan for ticketing your show. Most established clubs and venues have their preferred method of selling tickets, box office, online, network of community representatives etc. To Full Post



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Artwork is an essential part of a successful marketing campaign when you are looking to promote an Israeli act in your community.

Usually the artist will provide a standard high res image that you can incorporate into the final artwork. To Full Post

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