Booking Israeli Bands

Welcome to your guide to booking Israeli bands for your community.

This guide has been mainly written by Jeremy Hulsh of Oleh! Records, with additions from the Makom team. The mission of Oleh! Records- Israel’s Music Export is to develop and export the Israeli musician community abroad, creating organic connections and exposure for Israel through its musicians and their authentic message within the Diaspora community and beyond.

We have deliberately published the online version instead of creating a print-out version. This is because we would love to continue to incorporate your comments! Please look through this site, and let us know what is lacking, what is inaccurate, and what can be added. This way we may turn this into a truly useful and powerful tool for us all.

Please note that as soon as the Makom Interactive section of our site is up and functioning, you will be able to use it to build ‘coalitions’ for bringing artists in collaboration with other communities.

Many thanks!

Building an Event

So you have decided you are going to build an event!?

Giving yourself enough time is important, as the saying goes “Jerusalem wasn’t built in a day”. In order to produce and promote a successful event you will need to take into account anywhere between 3 weeks to 3 months (not working every day of course) to tie all ends together.

The amount of time you need depends on many variables which will be discussed in other sections. As long as you have the passion and seriousness, not to mention the fortitude to pull it off, nothing is impossible.

This section will cover:

Working with the Artist

Having clarified which artist you would like to invite and why (see Selecting the Artist), this section covers your direct contact with the artist and their representatives, before, during, and after their visit.


Here we break down the technical aspects of the production, tell you what you need to expect and what to provide and when…

Useful Contacts

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