Talking a Touch Away – 1 thru 7

These conversation guidelines are for you to use at your own discretion. Feel free to use them fully, partially, or to ignore them completely…

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Episodes 1 & 2:

Though it is rare for secular Russians to move in to B’nei Brak (got to give some room for fiction!), neither the Russian community nor the Haredi community is an insignificant aspect of Israeli society. Just under 40% of all Israelis are either Haredi or Russian immigrant.
The Bermans are disturbed by the fact that their next-door neighbor is neither ultra-orthodox nor orthodox.


Zorik:  Natasha, this is your country.

Natasha: Zorik, there are Jews in Canada and New Zealand too. There are even Turks in Germany. All the nations are mixed up now. It’s called Globalization. Maybe you’ve heard of it.

Rochele: “You are my old wine, Father”

Episodes 3 & 4:

Shmuel does not understand Russian, nor does he have much respect for a secular way of life. Sasha knows no Jewish blessings, and has knowledge of medicine not Talmud.
All of Zorik’s family would seem to be having a hard time in Israel.

Natalie: I found a place that’s just like Moscow!

Bit of background on the actress playing Marina. Yevgenia Dodina trained as an actress in Moscow, and made aliya in 1990. She is now a prize-winning actress on stage and screen, and in 2010, twenty years after her aliyah, she was chosen to light one of the twelve torches at the official Yom Ha’atzmaut ceremony in honor of her contribution to Israeli theater.

Episode 5:

Rochele: How do you put on your shoes?

Zorik: However I like…

Rochele: You don’t understand a thing.

Episode 6:

Wikileaks has established a very clear moral judgment of secrets. Throughout this series there are an enormous number of secrets being kept and revealed: Marina’s affair, Leah’s health, and of course Zorik and Rochele’s affair.

Rochele: “What will become of us?”

Episode 7:

Leah: God is testing us.

Aharon: I believe in honoring your mother and father, in telling the truth, in family loyalty.

Zorik and Roi served in the 669 Unit – the crack search and rescue unit of the Israeli army.

Sasha: “If it’s a choice between your brother and your lover, go with your lover.”

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